Documentary film produced by EbA South

Posted on: 27 Jun 2019 / Submitted by: Tatirose Vijitpan

The documentary film developed by the EbA South project serves as educational, promotional and awareness raising material on the concept, principles and application of EbA. The overall objective is to enhance public understanding of EbA as a means to build climate resilience, particularly in developing countries across Africa and Asia‐Pacific. It also carries a strong message to further advocate the need to mainstream EbA into policy and to strengthen a South‐South Cooperation dimension when dealing with climate change adaptation.

The full length documentary film was developed with a highlight on the project on-the-ground implementation in the three pilot countries – Mauritania, Nepal and Seychelles. It was screened at the EbA South Project’s closure workshop ‘South-South Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Ecosystem-based Adaptation’ in May 2019 in Beijing, China.

Cross Cutting:
Awareness raising
Capacity building
Community participation
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Education & Research
Indigenous knowledge
National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)
South-South cooperation
Technology transfer