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EbA Planning Tool "ALivE – Adaptation, Livelihoods and Ecosystems" User Manual in Chinese and Russian Available

Posted on: 6 Mar 2020 / Submitted by: Tatirose Vijitpan

After its launch in July 2018, the ALivE EbA Planning Tool has been widely promoted and the value of the tool highly recognised by the EbA South pilot countries and beyond. Accordingly, the production of the user manual in other widely-spoken languages has been encouraged to more extensively facilitate application of the tool. In this regard, with partial financial support from the Alliance of International Science Organizations in the Belt and Road Region (ANSO) — a non-profit, non-governmental and international scientific organisation jointly initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese and Russian versions of the ALivE user manual are now available on available versions of the user manual are in EnglishFrenchNepalese and Spanish

The EbA planning tool ‘ALivE – Adaptation, Livelihoods and Ecosystems’ (version 1.0) is a key EbA South project deliverable developed in partnership with IISD and IUCN. It is designed to support EbA project managers and practitioners in organising and analysing information to plan effective EbA options within a broader EbA planning process. It is a rapid qualitative assessment technique that can be applied in any ecosystem types. The computer-based tool and user manuals are freely downloadable on

EbA South is a full-sized GEF project, funded through the Special Climate Change Fund, and implemented by UNEP. UNEP-IEMP provides overall project management services, technical support and fosters South-South linkages for the project.

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