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Journal article published about EbA South’s Nepal Long Term Research Program

Posted on: 30 Mar 2022 / Submitted by: Tatirose Vijitpan

The paper “Assessment of climate change vulnerability in Chiti area of Lamjung district, Nepal” has been published in the Geographical Journal of Nepal. It was written by Sher Bahadur Gurung, who worked on the Long Term Research Program at the Central Department of Geography, Tribhuvan University. The paper can be accessed on or

This article is based on the information collected from the field work of the EbA South pilot at Chiti village, Lamjung district, with an aim to assess the vulnerability of the community to climate change at the site. The climate change vulnerability was assessed using the Long Term Research Program. The long term climate change vulnerability household surveys from 2013 baseline data to 2016, 2017 and 2019 data were analysed in this study.

The major finding is that Chiti has been facing climate change since last decade and it is found severely vulnerable due to climate change. There is an urgent need of improvement on climate change adaptive capacity which could result of awareness, information on climate change and adaptation, surplus production and change in agricultural practices. The Long Term Research Approach is appropriate to assess climate change vulnerability in community level. Climate change awareness is one of the major components to reduce vulnerability to climate change in the research area. This is a post adaptation vulnerability analysis of local community which supports climate change vulnerability adaptation policy.

Sher Bahadur Gurung
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