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In recent years the role knowledge sharing can play in improving access to climate change information and appropriate adaptive practices has been acknowledged. Online climate change knowledge sharing platforms proliferate on the internet, targeting researchers, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders at the global level. These platforms provide increased access to scientific data and publications, policy documents and good practices. Many of them are also effectively making use of technologies and tools that allow for a more participatory and collaborative approach to knowledge sharing.

“Ecosystem-based Adaptation through South-South Cooperation” ( builds on the expertise and results of successful knowledge sharing initiatives with a focus on climate change adaptation.

The purpose of this new platform is twofold. On one hand it aims at becoming an online “hub” for promoting the concept and principles of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), for enhancing awareness of the benefits of this approach and for sharing good practice examples of on-the-ground EbA interventions. Secondly, the platform intends to support the creation of an online community of EbA experts and stakeholders “in the South and for the South”, sharing experiences and lessons that are of particular interest to developing countries.

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