Implementation Protocol

On-the-ground community-based watershed restoration EbA interventions have been implemented in Lamjung and Tananhu districts following the well-developed site-specific protocols, within a long-term research framework. 

Under a MoU between Minisrtry of Forests and Environment (MFoE) and Tribhuvan University (TU) signed in 2016, the long-term research programmes (LTRP) had been employed for measuring the short- and long-term effects (ecological, hydrological and socio-economic) of the EbA interventions being applied within the project. Being led by the professors and students, the achievements of LTRP includes the establishment of a permanent monitoring site at Chiti site, an automatic weather station for rainfall data collection, a hydrological station to assess the impacts of interventions on runoff, soil erosion and landscape as a whole, and research findings in the form of research reports, thesesand peer-reviewed papers with support from international experts.