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The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. These islands are highly vulnerable to climate change, due to their location, topography and low-lying coastal areas. Impacts include sea level rise and flooding, with severe consequences for coastal biodiversity, as well as for livelihoods and economic activities.

The EbA South project aims to restore essential ecosystems within Seychelles' coastal wetlands, which buffer against flooding and enhance the security of coastal livelihoods.

Rehabilitating coastal wetlands, especially mangrove ecosystems, helps preserving and restoring critical habitats for fisheries production and also boosts eco-tourism, creating commercial and employment opportunities.


  • 20 hectares of degraded mangroves cleared of alien species and replanted;
  • 9 hectares of degraded mangroves restored to protect low cost housing estates, commercial areas and other social infrastructures from coastal erosion;
  • 500 m of national highway protected from coastal erosion through embankment stabilization using mangrove restoration;
  • 2 km of channel desilting to improve hydrological flow between 100 hectares of artificially fragmented mangroves/wetlands; and
  • 7 culverts (construction or replacement) to improve hydrological flow through 300 hectares of artificially fragmented mangroves/wetlands.
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