Seyedeh Zohreh
Natural resources research center
EbA South Project Team
Hi every one! I studied on ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology of the most important medicinal plants in northeast of Golestan province during my master, besides the ecological studies. During my study, I documented their knowledge or let say science. In my PhD, I decided to identify the problems by looking at rangelands stakeholders' point of view, specially herders'. The methods applied in this study were interviews and questionnaires to collect information. In this study, I played my role as a facilitator and it was very interesting! After the graduation from university, I worked as a consultant for Natural Resources Management I introduced them some plans for example medicinal plants, mine, ecotourism and etc as alternative livelihoods. They also let me know other solutions to address the problems. To summarize, my priority interests are social-ecological aspects applied in the field of diversity development and management.